It’s the little things…

chez CDM kitchen

that sometimes make the biggest impact, don’t you think?  We’ve all seen the reproduction light bulbs that look so super cool, like these from Restoration Hardware:

via Restoration Hardware

The issue with those is that they are pricey and they are not energy efficient, I guess the latter is the bigger crime especially here in Northern California.  So when I replaced my dinky standard lights in my kitchen with these beautiful statement pieces my next step was to get gorgeous lightbulbs.  If the glass shades are naked revealing all that is underneath, what is underneath better be looking good if you know what I am saying.

via Home Decorators

I put them up and they looked like this in my space:

big glass lantern light fixture

chez CDM kitchen

See, they were gorgeous, they just needed that final little extra sumpin sumpin, right?  So when I saw these gorgeous compact fluorescent lights I immediately ordered them:


You can order them from, you are welcome;).  Be forewarned, they are $30 a pop, but they are energy efficient and green and renew resource reblah.  Here they are in my kitchen:

chez CDM kitchen

So happy with them!


  • Those look awesome. They’re perfect! Great find.

    June 6, 2012
    • cdmader

      Thanks Jenny, I am loving them!

      June 6, 2012

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