E’s Living and Dining room makeover

E has an amazing space on a hillside overlooking the water.  I think she would agree with me when I say it needs a bit of freshening up to live up to its full potential.  Here is the loooooong wall with the fireplace, we are going to flank it with built-in cabinetry:

Living room before

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Master Bedroom tweaking

After we finish our upstairs bathroom we are pretty much done with our house… although I have never felt our master bedroom was totally finished, it needs pattern, texture, something.  I was down there this morning saying I thought the bedroom needed some work expecting the typical rolled eyes from hubby and he agreed with me!  And get this, I want to put some hot pink in there and he is totally down with it!

So, here is the bedroom, I didn’t even bother to get it all picked up before these pictures:


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And the Foyer gets its share of Holiday Bling

Here is the foyer all dolled up, those prints were the easiest thing to do.  Printed out some images from the computer then glittered them.  And to tell you the truth, they are still on my wall, holiday schmoliday:

Holiday Decor foyer

Here is a shot of the main entry table.  What you don’t see on the right is a big ass paper mache reindeer who was beginning to be his gorgeous glittery self yet did not get the full glitter treatment.  

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Holiday Decor finds its way into the Living room

Here is the mantel decorated with all the holiday trimmings, I desperately want to paint that fireplace screen a glossy color now, maybe chartreuse?

Fireplace mantel decorated for the holidays

and closeup…

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Holiday Decor continued into the dining room…

And we continue the holiday decor into the dining room, wreath on the window is in sad need of a ribbon!

dining table

And when I say everywhere I mean everywhere, the china cabinet gets some bling too!

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It’s February, Let’s talk Holiday Decor!

I took shots of our Holiday decorations before I took them down, the last bits were tossed just a couple weeks ago.;)  So let’s look at the pics!  I try to do a different color combo each year, and this year was inspired by these amazing garlands peppered with red, hot pink, teal and chartreuse.

Kitchen Hood holiday decor

Here is another shot, I take all the ornaments I have in those colors and all the vases I have and fill them and then spread them around everywhere:

kitchen hood holiday decor

Here is a closeup on the vases to the right of the stove, I started using ribbons this year as well, next year who knows;)

grouping of Holiday Decor

And on another countertop:

Holiday Decor detail

And on the center island:

Kitchen Island Holiday Decor

M’s Bedroom Transformation

I have a good friend who had a very ugly closet door situation.  Something had to be done.  After begging her to paint, wallpaper, shellac, decoupage, anything! she finally got down to business and we decided to wallpaper.  Here is the before shot of the closet doors, brace yourselves;):

Girlfriend has great taste (notsomuch in men but that is another subject entirely;) we just needed to pull everything together to create an oasis boudoir getaway.  Her design vision went something like this: ‘I want to be able to wake up in the morning and open my eyes and not want to barf when looking at the closet doors, especially if I have been drinking the night before.’  I have translated that vision into Worldy Glam, this girl travels all over the world collecting things, experiencing life and adventure, yet she likes the finer things and a day at the spa is not foreign to her.

Here is her fabulous ottoman that leans to the Worldly side of this picture:

And the amazing view out her bedroom window:

The curtains in here are totally Glam as they are silk and a gorgeous shade of pale blue:

the cat saying ‘can we please just get on with this closet door project already?!!!’

Here is the wallpaper we chose from Presigious Textiles, however ours is a lighter shade:

Here is a closeup of M’s wallpaper on her closet doors:

Here is a full shot of the closet doors:

And here is a before and after side by side shot, notice how we also painted the trim around the doors with a high gloss pewter color:

The tan carpet is staying as it is ‘meh’ and we don’t have the budget to change it… by the time we are finished with this room nobody will even notice the carpet and it will work perfectly with everything else.  We will add some new bedding, some new accents, lift the draperies to the ceiling and add a panel to the bottom of the drapes to make them touch the floor.  Puddling or bullion trim would be nice, but the cats would have too much fun with that, so those options are out.  Here is just one of the fabrics for the new throw pillows/bedding:

I have a Pinterest Board with items I am thinking of adding, you can check it out here.


Let’s finish with the front door…

How cool is this front entrance?

front door of man cave

And check out the moose head door knocker I found!  Notice also the TWO peep holes, one for adults and one for kids, how sweet is that?

moose head door knocker

The Elephant in the room

When we started this project he was also deep into the process of brewing his own beer, that quickly turned into discussion about something more exciting and then this thing showed up on our front porch.  He’s also been talking about moving to Kentucky.;)

the still

The current bar offerings:

drink menu

And for the Walls

I grouped some pinup girl shots we had together over the settee, simple:

art over the settee

The elk head was one of our first purchases together, it is wired for electricity but we have always just put candles in her.

animal head

We wanted some other type of animal head things for the wall, but he wasn’t enamored of the big faux white heads that you see everywhere and the ones that looked real or were real were too unnerving and not the vibe he was going for in an attempt to attract the ladies.;)  So I picked up these for the wall from ebay and amazon, the two on the right are resin and the funny guy on the left is a jackalope made with goat fur and plastic, he just cracked me up:

animal heads mounted on wall

Come out a bit wider and you can see the all important TV smack dab in the middle of the room.  But do you notice the smaller TV to the left of it?  And would you believe there is another one to the right?  They all play the same exact thing, you can just view them from different angles.  When he said he wanted three TVs in this room that would maybe fit 5-6 people comfortably at once I asked him what he had been smoking.  But then he told me what you could get small noname TV screens for and I was like ‘go for it’… I mean really, why deny him this at this point.  If we are doing this thing we have to go big or go home, right?

The TV wall in the man cave

Notice the gorgeous curtains above, I added a panel on the bottom to a pair of curtains from Target on clearance.  Aren’t they gorge?  I love them.

To round out the artwork in the Man Shed I also picked up this guy made with chicken feathers over plastic, you seriously can find anything on ebay, and the jar to the left was from an estate sale we filled it with the hops Hubs is growing in the back:

faux hawk

Oh, and above that guy is this great owl picture thing I bought at an estate sale, love this thing!

owl pic

And here is what that shelf and artwork look like together, can you spy the speaker mounted on the wall yet hidden by the shelf, we are wired for sound of course:

shelf with art

The mirror over the door literally just came out of our bathroom yesterday, it is angled and it looks pretty cool up there.

mirror over door

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