Fall Fashion Research

I am doing more ‘market research’ for design ideas for fall and the holidays… aka watching Fashion Rocks on Tivo.  How cute is Christina lately?  And no I am not going to do that to my hair.  But seriously, how happy are we that she has moved on from her dirrrrrrty days?  You can’t see it in this pic, but I think she is sporting some form of Vamp nail polish… I might have to dig out my bottle from back in the day.  Cause I was around the FIRST time that was a trend.:rolleyes

And Fergie always looks hot, the gold is gorgeous, the headband rocks, the gold shoes LOVE THEM.  But I want to know what she wears underneath that getup.  I mean she is on stage and clearly people can see up her skirt.  Does the girl have builtins or what?

I am very excited for fall, the retro modern look is hot.  As are gold and jewel tones.  And I can’t wait to buy me some peep toe shoes but I refuse, refuse, refuse to do leggings.  Just say no.  Unless you are young enough that you didn’t get to do leggings the first time round.  Clearly that is not the case over here.  Been there, done that, just say no.;)

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