Pettiskirt Drama aka Pettigate

I am gaga over little girl clothes.  It is a sickness, an illness, I need a 12 step, blah blah freakin blah.  So I see these somewhere in my infinite internet travels:

oopsy daisy baby pettiskirt  kaiya eve pettiskirt

And clearly we must have one, is there really any question here?  I think all girls should have at LEAST one, AT LEAST.  There should be an ordinance or a law or a rule or something somewhere formally declaring that all girls must own a pettiskirt.;)  And sometimes their mommas need to have one as well, just sayin.  And if I’m being honest, mommas and daughter should have MATCHING PETTI OUTFITS.  And YES I attended Madonna’s Like a Virgin tour, and YES I was appropriately dressed in tulle, rhinestones and rubber bracelets, as was my girlfriend Donna, it was 1985 and we thought we were stylin.;)

Oh geez, I just saw these hats, we need these too.  See I am ill, it is a sickness and it WON’T STOP!
Jamie Rae hat  Jaimie Rae hat

I digress, forgive me.  SO.  About the pettiskirts.  One of my guilty pleasures is blabbing on message boards with similar baby clothing obsessed broads.  There, it is out, my dirty little secret.;)  SO, there was a group order for pettiskirts, one of the message board mavens was going to order directly from the manufacturer and get the skirts for something like $30 as opposed to the $75-80 they run retail.  No way, no how was I dishing out 80 smackers for a freakin pettiskirt full of tulle.  That would have pushed my husband over the edge and he would have me committed and as it is I am always looking over my shoulder for those guys coming after me with the straight jacket, I don’t need to add fuel to that fire.  So I was all over this group pettiskirt order business, this message board broad had done these orders in the past, other ladies had sent money and received pettiskirts, seemed like all was well with the world.  Can you see where this might be going?

SO.  I pick out SIX pettiskirts we need.  I don’t believe in doing things half assed.;)  In my defense, only three (only, HA!) were for my darling daughter, and 3 were to be gifts for other deserving damsels we know.  I send my money in to message board broad, she orders pettiskirts and I wait the requisite 5-6 months I am told it will take to get said pettiskirts.  Now, clearly this sounds insane, I know it does… BUT many ladies have done this in the past and the orders have turned out just fine.  You can really see where this is going now, right?

And I have to fess up to Hubs why close to $200something dollars has been diverted from our account as we do our bills together and we don’t have any financial secrets from each other.  He is very fiscally responsible and well, lets just say I have had my run ins with the credit card police people.  Just one of the many reasons I am attracted to him, he is order to my chaos and vice versa.  All my ‘other’ credit cards and accounts have been closed, don’t look at me like you don’t know what I am talking about here ladies.;)  So I fess about about pettiskirt junction and how we will be the proud owners of 6 pettiskirts in just a few short months and his eyes do a MASSIVE slow roll into the back of his head.  ‘You are sending money to some chick you met on a message board who is going to order pettiskirts for you wholesale and then send them to you out of the goodness of her heart?’


More eye rolling and we close down all pettiskirt discussions, clearly he thinks me mental and clearly I am going to show him when we have fistfuls of tulle in our hands.

Forward to 6 months after the pettiskirts have been ordered.  Hundreds of women have ordered over 6K in freakin pettiskirts in this specific order.  We all sent our money to this broad (and yes I am using this term in its deragatory form and not the cool and hip Frank Sinatra form) she placed the pettiskirt order and then apparently lost her freakin mind.  As one of my friends put it ‘there’s no tellin when the crazy light will go off in someone’s head.’  Somewhere along the line she either spent the money or decided she just wasn’t going to pay and when the order was ready she didn’t pay.  So there sit all our pettiskirts being held hostage at the manufacturer.  Now did she just go looney tunes spending other people’s money all over town and planned to replenish it and couldn’t… OR did she mastermind this scheme and planned on doing these pettiskirt orders successfully until she had one so large that she planned on obsconding with the money?  Each scenario simply sucks ass (pardon my french mother, but it just does) and there my poor pettiskirt sits waiting, JUST WAITING to make it’s way to me!  Well 6 of them are waiting, in the spirit of full disclosure.;)

And you can just imagine the lovely discussion I had with Hubs about the Pettiskirt Drama heretofore to be referred to as Pettigate.

Now I need to accept that I might never get my hands on my precious pettiskirts I ordered… and mourn their loss……….  BUT WE STILL NEED ONE, SO WHERE AM I GOING TO GET ONE!  It is a sickness people, and you are damn lucky if you aren’t afflicted, just sayin.;)


  • Oh, that’s just awful. Not surprising given the whackjobs we’ve seen on the Internets, but still suck ass all the same.

    So, I know a couple of people who found directions on the Internets to make their own tulle petticoats and while they weren’t as AMAZING as the $$$ ones they saw online, they were definitely passable and the money saved was pretty significant. Since we know you’ve got an eye for design and style, you might be able to pull off making your own petticoats after a quick trip to Joanne’s.

    October 31, 2008
  • Becky, you complete whackjob, like I have time to add pettiskirt seamstress to my number of current jobs as short order cook, laundry lady, feigned attempt at housekeeper, jewelry designer, interior designer and keeper of peace with the hubs.;)

    October 31, 2008
  • Laura

    Great post. I commiserate with you. I was on the order too.. I’m so angry and hurt that she did this. How can she sleep at night?

    November 5, 2008
  • twinkler

    I’m in the pettiskirt order. I feel exactly like you and I’m getting so frustrated that they keep us muted. I understand that there are legal things going on, but ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have about $100 in this. 3 pettis and 4 petti bags.

    I don’t know what to do. Do I pay again and “rescue” my hostage pettis?

    Stupid Pettigate is the only thing that is holding me to the forum right now. I’m so ready to leave. I’ve had enough.

    November 5, 2008
  • mommy_to_three2007

    I’m not in on the order, but have been following the story and it completely sucks! I had planned on getting in on the order but changed my mind at the last minute since I didn’t really have the extra money then. Hoping that you all get your pettis and money back.

    November 5, 2008
  • polychic

    I’m also on the order. Thankfully, we **should** get our money back. We just didn’t have the funds to rescue ours :( I’m with you at just about $200 in pettiskirts that I NEEDED for christmas!
    It super sucks that there are people out there that do this… but if I step outside myself, I guess we’re pretty loony to send a complete stranger money LOL!! Hubby, just about killed me :)

    January 9, 2009
  • I always wondered how those deals worked out with a bunch of people odering skirts. That sucks! I would be riding her to get my money back. She probably got way in over her head promising things. I started making pettiskirts for my daughter because I couldn’t justify spending $80+ on a skirt. I order my material from New York so I do not make promises until I have the material in my hands! Good luck on getting your skirts or money back. I am sure it will be worked out at some point.

    February 9, 2009
  • I really loved reading your story. Just soo everyone knows…I am a retailer of children’s costumes and own a party business….and yes I LOVE PETTISKIRTS. No matter what you see on the web like the messge board you responded to….just about every brand name manufacturer WILL NOT sell to someone that does not have a real live store. The reason is they DO NOT want their product de-valued. They really do regulate where their product can be sold. Now there are places like SAMS and the like but the quality and the amount of fabric does not measure up to what you have purchased at the prices you listed above. The wholesale cost for a full pettiskirt is more than the $30 that you were quoted by the message board in many cases our mark up isnt even 50% which is typically what a retailer looks for so that we can make a profit and cover our overheard or the cost that it takes to bring the merchandie to our customer.
    Next time you are looking for a Pettiskirt check out my website. I carry several brands so that there is something for every price range keeping in mind that the amount of fabric sets the tone for the retail price…but I have the best prices in the market. You are so right that there is something very special about dressing up our little ones they are only little for a short period of time….thats when memories are made to last a lifetime. Makes me wish my own children were little again…so instead I enjoy dressing up my customers children….you just can’t beat the feeling when they look so cute that it takes your breath away.

    February 25, 2009
  • Rosa

    I feel your pain. That sucks! Do not give up hope just keep pushing the issue. I would also contact the all the wholesalers on the website. $200 is alot especially today. Keep the hasseling and push the issue even if you are annoying. The annoying ones will have this issue resolved. I would also try to start a blog about the website and pass it alog to friends and others. She will eventually lose business and the message will be clearly sent. Good Luck!

    March 5, 2009
  • I loved reading your story though I am sorry for your dissappointment. I’ll start with my disclosure: I am a pettiskirt retailer.
    And I am familiar with your story. And I know where the skirts you spoke of come from. Unfortunately this person may have just bit off more than they can chew. And this had nothing to do with an order from a wholesaler. I get the same skirts from the same manufacturer. I know this manufacturer well. They, in fact, “created” these skirts and have been manufacturing them for over 30 years.
    I do hope you have all gotten some sort of resolution!!
    What Karen posted is correct. Most “brand names” will only sell to Brick & morter stores and thier products are generally sold at the “suggested” retail as to not devaluate thier products. (A wholesaler can not tell a retailer what to sell their products for so they “suggest” a retail price). And yes, generally retail mark up (keystone) is double the cost. ie, buy it for $5, sell it for $10.
    Now, here is some more information. The “brand names” have a manufacturer make thier products (pettiskirts) then they inturn wholesale them to retailers. So, here’s how it goes: I’m “Acme” pettiskirts. I have “Joe’s manufacturing” make my pettiskirts. They make them for $5 each, to my specifications, with my “Acme” brand label in them. Because manufactureres sell to wholesalers/distributors, they have large minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) usually 100-500 pieces. So, I get my pettiskirts from the manufacturer for $5 each & I then wholesale them to retailers, like Karen & others for $10 each. Retailer’s then sell the skirts to consumers for $20 each. (again, keystone markup). Wholesaler & retailer both have thier markup. That’s fine, everyone has to stay in business. But that is how it works.
    The manufacturer that your “PETTIGATE” skirts were ordered from is the same manufacturer that made Kiaya Eve until recently when they started thier own manufacturing. So to say that “other” skirts don’t measure up to the quality of the expensive brand name skirts, just is not true in some cases. Some even call them “knock offs” which they are not.
    Now again, my disclosure: I am a pettiskirt retailer.
    I have chosen to RETAIL my pettiskirts DIRECTLY from the manufacturer. NO WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR. I use 2 manufacturers. One is the same manufacturer that made Kaiya Eve and the other is the same manufacturer that makes some of Belle Ame. So, the skirts that I sell are EXACTLY the same as these brands. Same quality, same skirt. I’ll say this again, SAME MANUFACTURER, same skirts!
    You can read more on my blog: boutique stuff
    The difference is I retail directly from the manufacturer, no wholesale distributor. This is what makes these retail cost of these name brands of pettiskirts so high.
    I have a large inventory of skirts in stock with FREE shipping. I also custom order pettiskirts. And welcome group orders at a discount with great customer service.
    All of the brand name pettiskirts are wonderful! You won’t go wrong purchasing them from any retailer. But you will pay more. And there are others, like me, who are selling direct from manufacturers. Some offer great prices and the quality may vary with some. The choice is totally yours but now you have more information to make a better choice.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share!

    March 25, 2009
  • I’m SO SORRY this happened to you and the other ladies :( Don’t worry–this lady will get her karma back at her!

    Anyway, I offer pettiskirts wholesale and you pay half up front and half when they ship. Takes usually 3 weeks. Minimums are listed with amount of discount on my shop homepage.

    I also sell a tutorial if you’d like to make it yourself. :)

    April 18, 2009
  • Laura

    Did you get your pettiskirts …. it’s been a few months since your post. Sams Manufacturing is the ‘original’ pettiskirt/petticoat manufacturer and their skirts ARE quality. Kaiya Eve had their pettiskirts manufatured by sams at the start, this is where the design and idea came from for Kaiya Eve. It is also a plus that sams is made in the USA and most all other pettiskirts are not… including Kaiya Eve.

    You can also look on craigslist or ebay for discounted pettiskirts. Hope your situation was worked out.

    July 22, 2009
  • I think I am in one of your groups, I did not participate in the buy as I make pettis. I have my own way and they turn out super full but I thought about being in that buy and I am SOOO glad I didn’t. I am sorry she did that and I hope you get your money back. I also make infant pettis…


    September 28, 2009
  • Hi I own an organic baby clothing line and am adding petti skirts to my business. I have excess inventory in my organic line (0-24 months) and can offer at wholesale. I can also provide better than retail pricing on pettiskirts of you are interested and recovered from this ordeal. Contact me if interested and I can provide catalogue and pricing.

    October 4, 2009

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