M’s Bedroom Transformation

I have a good friend who had a very ugly closet door situation.  Something had to be done.  After begging her to paint, wallpaper, shellac, decoupage, anything! she finally got down to business and we decided to wallpaper.  Here is the before shot of the closet doors, brace yourselves;):

Girlfriend has great taste (notsomuch in men but that is another subject entirely;) we just needed to pull everything together to create an oasis boudoir getaway.  Her design vision went something like this: ‘I want to be able to wake up in the morning and open my eyes and not want to barf when looking at the closet doors, especially if I have been drinking the night before.’  I have translated that vision into Worldy Glam, this girl travels all over the world collecting things, experiencing life and adventure, yet she likes the finer things and a day at the spa is not foreign to her.

Here is her fabulous ottoman that leans to the Worldly side of this picture:

And the amazing view out her bedroom window:

The curtains in here are totally Glam as they are silk and a gorgeous shade of pale blue:

the cat saying ‘can we please just get on with this closet door project already?!!!’

Here is the wallpaper we chose from Presigious Textiles, however ours is a lighter shade:

Here is a closeup of M’s wallpaper on her closet doors:

Here is a full shot of the closet doors:

And here is a before and after side by side shot, notice how we also painted the trim around the doors with a high gloss pewter color:

The tan carpet is staying as it is ‘meh’ and we don’t have the budget to change it… by the time we are finished with this room nobody will even notice the carpet and it will work perfectly with everything else.  We will add some new bedding, some new accents, lift the draperies to the ceiling and add a panel to the bottom of the drapes to make them touch the floor.  Puddling or bullion trim would be nice, but the cats would have too much fun with that, so those options are out.  Here is just one of the fabrics for the new throw pillows/bedding:

I have a Pinterest Board with items I am thinking of adding, you can check it out here.


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