I have wanted one ever since I saw a photo in a mag with one dangling in between 2 vanity mirrors.  Oooh!  Maybe I could hang one over my bathtub!  OK, that is totally going to be in the works although there is a pot light up there, and then there is the whole code business.  Code schmode.

Anyway, I have a client with a totally mod U shaped house that encloses an outside courtyard with a pool in the middle, I love it.  And all around that U is a hallway with every room off the hallway.  So the hallway is a big part of the house and leads you through the house and connects everything.  It needs to have some pizazz.  I am thinking these star lanterns to lead your eye through the hallway, but she is unsure.  I will bring this pic and we shall hang something up there to resemble a lantern to see if we can get an idea what it might look like.  She’ll come around, or I will come up with something else.  The wheels have just begun turning.;)


Here is a great source for those lanterns from Domino magazine:

I just need to buy one, right?! Click on the pic for the source.

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